Love affairs

March 13, 1918 Olive Harcourt: Prewer and Fuller gave me a tiny screw of saccharine and told me they thought I was just as sweet as that. Long talk by Prewer's bed with him and Fuller about the latter's love affairs. Gave them toast.

March 14, 1918 Twenty year old Sergeant Purnell Fuller, who lost his leg serving with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, spent more than eight months at Beaucroft Red Cross Hospital in Wimborne, Dorset after being admitted in Feb 1918.

He left the army and married Ada Body in 1920. They had three children Ethelene, Gordon and Ron who became an artist, toy and automata maker with work at the V&A and other galleries Guardian obituary His son, a classical guitar maker is named Purnell after his grandfather.

March 15, 1918 Fuller and Prewer came to tea, most pleasant time. Prewer said it wasn’t what I did but the way I did it. This in answer to my saying they mustn’t thank me for the very little I had done.

On February 22nd I wrote: Florence came to me and had a comforting talk to poor worried Prewer. Men in A ward were so dear. Pratt and Sergeant Fuller both held my hand while they talked. New men very nice.


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