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‘An extraordinary learning experience’
Students working with ScreenPLAY artists in residence at the Portland academy have gained a valuable qualification in digital filmmaking - Silver Arts Award in Film and digital production, a qualification equivalent to a GCSE A-C.

The course, hailed as an “excellent series of high quality arts experiences” was developed and delivered over a 15 week residency by artists Sharon Hayden and Alastair Nisbet. The students devised and created their own short film, The Hellstone Mystery, and learned a range of digital production techniques including - film and photography, timelapse, stop frame animation and 3D design. Their completed work was presented as a series of web pages with embedded video and audio files.

“These students in the school’s Alternative Learning group have a range of social and emotional behavioural needs not suited to mainstream teaching,” explained Sharon Hayden. “We adopt a relationship based approach in which we facilitate, listen and encourage participation, and recognise the value everyone's input - all in a safe space that has been created as part of the project. The project gave them renewed interest in staying in school, learning valuable digital skills for life and at the same time gaining a GCSE A-C qualification.”

IPACA’s Alternative Learning manager Karnan Thorne said it had been an extraordinary learning experience for the AL students. “I am incredibly proud of them and what they have achieved. They have developed valuable digital and artistic skills which will help them through their future careers. All of the group have progression routes planned as they leave school and go on into further education and work.”

Filmmaker Jackie Calderwood who moderated the work for Trinity College London said the project had successfully engaged a diverse group of young people in learning a wide range of media skills and developed personal skills, confidence and awareness of opportunities in the arts. “They have had excellent high quality arts experiences working with professional artists over a sustained period of time.”

The project was funded by Trinity College London, the Safer Dorset Fund, INTO FILM, Synergy Housing, IPACA, The Weymouth and Portland Partnership, and the b-roads project.
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They have had excellent high quality arts experiences working with professional artists over a sustained period of time.
Jackie Calderwood, Arts Award Moderator
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The Hellstone Mystery
Imagine you are a coffee mug…
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Tea or Coffee by Jordan and Brodi
Jordan discusses his tablet stand
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Weymouth to Portland in one minute by Jamie
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Tablet holders designed and 3D printed by the group, discussed by Jordan and Michael
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Hairstyling time-lapse by Tia
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Sarah’s portfolio - click to view image
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Timelapse by Brodi, performers: Sarah, Lauren and Tia
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Goal by Josh and Ryan
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Josh’s flip book - made from his animation
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Photography at Tout Sculpture Park by Shanel
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Opening sequence animation by Milli
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3D printing time-lapse by Micheal
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What’s for lunch ? Time-lapse by Josh and Ryan
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Jamie’s Arts Award portfolio - click to view
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