Old Blockade

Old Blockade - by a boy at Dartmouth

Observe how doth the British Navy

Baulk the Bavarian of his gravy

While the fat Boche from Köln to Munick

Cannot expand to fill his tunic.


Foch’s sayings

Lady Mary’s diary: Monday 2nd Dec 1918

Everyday, news so interesting and good we hardly know ourselves. From Clemenceau’s speech at the Fr Embassy. At a critical stage Foch said: “I can’t hold can I, then I’ll attack.”

Another famous saying: [by Foch] “I shall fight in front of Amiens, I shall fight in Amiens, I shall fight behind Amiens.”


Hospital in village school

James Sansom: 17th December 1918

We move to Gammerages in Belgium about 30 kilos from Brussels. I go again in a motor for a joy ride. I and others are billeted in a water mill while we have our hospital in the village school.


Music at Beaucroft

Olive Harcourt’s diary 22.12.18

Florence and I went to have a little music at Beaucroft. Only a few men left, 30 gone for Christmas. Very dull time. Bradley wold not stop roaring like a bull and no other would sing.

picture: Olive Harcourt's piano at the home of her ward Joan Cocozza in Bristol in 2018


An easy time

James Sansom: James Sansom 28 Dec 1918

We are having an easy time now - no parades, get up what time we please and the people are very good to us. We get plenty of sport here. We have several concerts and have a good time generally .

At Xmas plenty to eat and drink for those who like it and we spend a lot of time with the villagers.

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