Letter to Essie

30 November 1918 Lettter to Essie from Alfred Forbes Johnson: 
I know you are very lonely and I am sure the war has given you a much worse time than it has on me. I have really had a good time on the whole except for moments and there is only one day that remains as a nightmare.

As to my not saying anything of the future it is because it is so far ahead and we are not feeling that we shall be home soon now.
I see the delegates at the peace conference seem to be making comfortable preparations for a lengthy stay. Meanwhile parliament is dissolved so no awkward questions can be asked, and as far as I can see nobody here is likely to get a vote.

04.12.1918 Letter from Alfred Johnson to his son Christopher in Bury, Lancs where he is living with his grandmother. Wishing you a happy birthday. Before your next birthday comes I shall be living at home with you and mother.


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