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Action ! Children create their own cinematic drama

Film buffs from Manor Park First School in Dorchester who watch and review movies in their after school Film Club, have made a short film of their own. 

With support from national charity Into Film, the 30 eight and nine year olds have created an atmospheric five minute drama called
The Stone - under the professional guidance of filmmakers Sharon Hayden and Alastair Nisbet from ScreenPLAY. The film - premiered at the club's end of year celebration - was screened throughout the summer on the big screen in Dorchester’s Brewery Square.

"Because it was quite a big group and our time was limited, we focussed on the movement rather than dialog," explained Sharon. “They have created some wonderful dramatic tension and beautiful movement."

Cameraman Anna, aged nine said they filmed on location in the school grounds: “ It was fun filming from different angles - once I had to climb a tree and use a handheld camera.” 

“We all did a drama warm up and then decided who was going to be an actor and who was going to do the filming,” said Susie, 9.

“We wanted to make it feel like we were on a journey through the forest - and were all a bit scared,” added Archie, 9.

“I was one of the actors - it was epic !” said Mary, 9.

“The film made me feel like a proper movie star,” said Grace, 9. “The story is about a strange stone - if you touch it you go to crazy land !”

Headteacher Melanie Cridland said the children had gained a huge amount from the experience. “It’s been about team work and developing communication, as well as learning to use the equipment and creating some wonderful movement and drama.”