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Workshop film to be screened in Sydney

Work by young filmmakers in Dorchester is being screened at the historic Sydney Observatory in Australia.
The Willow Pattern Story - a short animation from a workshop with Alastair Nisbet and Sharon Hayden - is being used to support a new archaeology programme at the Observatory, one of the city’s oldest buildings.

“A lot of old Willow Pattern plates have been found on our site which dates back to 1804,” explained Observatory manager Toner Stephenson. “We will use the children’s film as a way of introducing the story behind the plates.”

She said children on school visits will dig, inspect real artefacts and examine the original 1804 Fort and 1848 cottage. 
“The Willow pattern is very dominant in the finds and we ask them to put together a willow pattern plate from pieces excavated. 

They then make their own plate but we want them to understand that the plates have a story, and that the Willow Pattern story was appealing to British colony settlers. Your film will inspire them to create their own design for their plate”.
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