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Legacy banner project underway...

Children at five schools in Weymouth and Portland are working with artists from ScreenPLAY on a new set of brightly coloured banners for Weymouth seafront and harbourside.
Westfield banners

The legacy project in partnership with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council started this week with two day residencies by artists Heidi Steller and Sharon Hayden at Westfield Arts College and St John’s Primary School in Weymouth.

Sharon explained: “The banners are all about activity - swimming, cycling, sailing, canoeing, riding donkeys on the beach, as well as some of the sports at the Weymouth beach sports arena which thousands of people took part in last summer.”

“The year six group at Westfield took part in these activities last summer and have included their photographs in a wonderful series of seaside collages. They have loved making their banners and we’re really pleased with the way they have worked together on them.”

Westfield3 Westfield1

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